Virtual Factory Tour

 We are glad to show you the mainly department of making picture frame in our factory. 


  At first, we purchase wood from a supplier. After that, we cut it to necessary size to make picture frames. One of the important processes is carving the shape according to the drawings.



 Next process is coating on wood. Excellent finish comes from the good coating before painting or pasting leaf.


 Cutting department is to cut the moulding by machine to make picture frame. Well trained workers can cut the moulding diagonal according to sizes.


 Assembling a picture frame one by one with cut piece. It is important to joint the pieces without gap at corner. A practiced craftsman assembles it using a machine carefully.


 After assembling, we polish the frame surface gently with abrasive paper. We think this process is one of important treatment. Because if you fail polishing, you cannot get the good result of paint. We will keep polishing until we get smooth surface.


 Under coating and paper abrasive have done to get good result of paint. We do paint according to the shape without roughness. We control time before and after paint to get good finish.


We paste gold and silver leaf one by one by hand. It is necessary for you to concentrate and train to paste metal leaf. We have to pay attention to paste leaf on the flat surface and put leaf on leaf and make layers of leaf on ornament parts. 

 Finished frames are inspected one by one. Our staff inspects severely according Daigaku Japan.



 There are lots of kinds of sizes for picture frames.


We make boxes according to size with cutting and folding corrugated sheets.




Paste green paper, fix hanger and turning clips and etc.

Thank you for your viewing the virtual factory tour.